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Company dynamics

Xinglong titanium industry innovation

  In nearly a decade, China's industry is in a high-speed development period, especially a double type growth of titanium industry.Production of titanium sponge and titanium products by 2100 tons and 2233 tons respectively in 2008 in 2017 to 87770 tons and 58323 tons, is a world first place.


    During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", the development of titanium industry in China the macro economic slowdown, the performance of titanium products and processing technology constantly improve, to modern science and technology industry companies are exploring forward, speed up the structural adjustment of the enterprise, enterprise transformation.During this period has been developing rapidly, in order to achieve the processing to production and processing technical transformation laid a strong foundation.

  During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" rise of the development of Chinese titanium industry in the production of double sex during the period of growth.At the end of 2015, titanium sponge production capacity of 88000 t/a, titanium ingot production capacity of 135000 t/a.By the end of 2017, China titanium sponge production capacity of 154000 t/a, titanium ingot production capacity of 176000 t/a.

  Technology progress

  During the "twelfth five-year" to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", titanium products make great leaps in technology and equipment.In nearly a decade, the device 10 titanium sponge mixture fabric system;39 sets of 8 tons of large-scale vacuum since the electricity arc furnace;12 sets of large beam cooling bed furnace, 3 large plasma cooling bed furnace;4500 tons of fast forging machine 6, 8, 6000 tons of fast forging machines, 10000 tons of free forging unit 3, shaanxi and sichuan also equipped with 45000 tons of forging units and 80000 tons of forging units;20 titanium roll with cold rolling unit 3. The shaanxi baoji high xinglong titanium industry co., LTD. Fast forging machine is equipped with 45000 and 16000.

  The main problems facing the industry development

  After 70 years of development, China's titanium industry in production capacity, production equipment and technology is developing very rapidly, and the birth of treasure titanium group, zunyi titanium industry group, northwest nonferrous metal research institute and doing well in baoji titanium industry group, the relatively large size of enterprise group, titanium product quality improve a lot, too.But the Chinese titanium industry still has a lot of shortcomings.

  Mid-range titanium products with excess capacity

  Because of China's industrial development is rapid,, there is excess capacity.China's production capacity has reached 150000 tons, titanium sponge titanium ingot production capacity has reached 109000 tons, in 2017, the actual output of 151171 tons and 182216 tons respectively, capacity utilization is insufficient, many enterprises are in low-end products on the production capacity of similar products, the market is intense, enterprise profits down.In aviation and medical aspects of high-end, current technology is not very mature, so some are imported.


  Given the current development trend, doing well in baoji high titanium industry co., LTD. (, the board of directors, to enterprise reform investment purchase advanced production equipment, technical training for employees of the enterprise, company research and development team innovation, create high-quality titanium products, to meet the demand of the market.

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