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Welding technology of titanium bar, titanium tube

  Titanium bar, titanium sheet, titanium pipe and other non-ferrous metal has special physical and chemical properties, so the technology of welding and other metal have the difference, the welding of titanium material by inert argon gas effectively protect of the welding zone of TiG welding, argon gas before use to check factory certification on the bottle, to verify the purity of argon gas index, and then check whether there is any leak or failure on cylinder valves as first.Tungsten with strong, suitable for all kinds of the characteristics of the welding.

  Argon gas pipeline;Using semi-rigid plastic pipe, unfavorable use rubber hose and other hygroscopic materials.When using special, shall not be with other gas transmission pipe string with each other.Argon gas pipe shoulds not be too long, lest cause unstable flow pressure drop is too high, generally no more than 30 m.

  Welding jig: with austenitic stainless steel or copper pipe karan, locking bolt group of titanium plate and accessories.Should ensure that the titanium plate and accessories have certain clamping force, axis to ensure consistent, uniform clearance fit.

  Auxiliary equipment and tools: argon shielding, polishing machine, special file, stainless steel wire brush, etc.

  Titanium wire, welding wire brand for ERTi - 2, select wire should meet the following requirements:

  (1) the chemical composition and mechanical properties of wire shall be the parent metal fairly;

  (2) if the weldment requires high plasticity, the purity is higher than parent metal wire should be adopted.Wire before use, must carry on the material the reinspection inspection factory certificate and certificate of quality;Wire surface should be clean, no oxidation, no crack, peeling, scabbing and defects such as slag.

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