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The charm of titanium

  Titanium in 1791, in the form of contain titanium mineral is found in Cornwall, England, the discoverer of England amateur mineralogist Gregor (Reverend William Gregor), the right to in charge of Cornwall Crete (Creed) parish priest.He in neighboring maner candy (Manaccan) found some black-sand parish in the brook, later he found that sand will be attracted by the magnet, he realized that this mineral (ilmenite) contains a new element.Through analysis, found that there are two kinds of metal oxides: iron oxide (sand) by a magnet to attract and white metal oxide a he could not be identified.Aware that this is not to identify the oxide containing a metal undetected, gregor to Cornwall royal geological society and Germany chemical yearbook published the findings.About at the same time, miller von Lai Xing, because (Franz Joseph Muller von Reichenstein) also produce similar material, but it cannot be identified.Gregor and prot had been found in titanium powder of titanium dioxide, instead of titanium.Very stable because of titanium oxide and titanium can directly, such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, combined vehemently, so it's difficult to elemental titanium.It was not until 1910 was the American chemist hunter for the first time used sodium reduction TiCI titanium purity was 99.9%.

  German chemist in 1795 carats prot in analysis made in Hungary also discovered the oxide red rutile.He favours for uranium found by carat prot (1789) named method, reference to Greek mythology Titan protoss many years ago ", "name the new element named" Titanium ".According to the Chinese transliteration name for titanium.Earlier when he heard about gregor's discovery, carat prot made some maner mineral samples, and confirmed that it contains titanium.

  Ten kilometers thick stratum in the earth's surface, including titanium six over one thousand, 61 times more than copper, the content is ranked 10th in the earth's crust (the elements in the crust ranking: oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrogen, titanium), literally from underground grabbed a handful of earth, which contain a few parts per thousand of titanium, the world's reserves of more than ten million tons of titanium ore is not rare.

  Has one hundred million tons of sand on earth, titanium and zirconium both than sandstone heavy mineral, is mixed in the sand and gravel, after water elutriation round the clock in ten million, the heavier ilmenite and zircon sand rushed together, in the long coast, formed a piece of titanium and zirconium seam of ores.The seam is a black sand, usually with a few centimeters to tens of centimeters thick.

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